Hackney Classic

Hackney Classic

Hackney Classic

The Optimum Specialty Reefer

The Hackney Classic delivers the quality, strength and overall value needed for the multi-stop distribution of both refrigerated and frozen products, from ice cream and ice to meats, fruits and produce. Specify 4-inch or 5-inch insulation packages to surround your cargo. Choose reefer lengths from 9 to 26 feet, equipped with functional floor systems.

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  • Radius stainless steel front corner posts are optional. Aluminum roof radius and corner caps are engineered to reduce wind resistance.
  • Smooth aluminum outer skin – a Hackney trademark – provides a clean surface for attractive signage.
  • Pressure-Pillow Seal (PPS™) doors virtually eliminate air passage, holding the cold inside and keeping ambient air out.
  • An aluminum ladder to access a mechanical refrigeration unit is just one of the convenience and safety options available.
  • Specify either 4 or 5 inches of foamed-in-place non-CFC insulation to surround your cargo.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel rear frame resists rear damage and corrosion.


  • Bumpers
  • Rear Doors
  • Side Doors
  • Floors

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