Vector 6600MT

Vector 6600MT

Vector 6600MT

High capacity and reliability. Low fuel consumption and noise. Let Vector™ units energize your bottom line.

Features and Benefits:

  • DELTEK™ Technology is an exclusive hybrid design from Carrier Transicold which combines a diesel engine, generator, and patented electric technology to deliver the highest reliability and lowest life-cycle costs in its class.
  • Unmatched reliability from a cool-only refrigeration system, electric heat, and semi-hermetic compressor are a few of the features that contribute to more up-time.
  • Lowest cost of ownership starts with the elimination of many maintenance items, including alternators, belts, idlers, vibrasorbers, and shaft seals used in conventional units.
  • Next generation components deliver up to 15% more cooling capacity than competitive units while providing 10-20% better fuel efficiency than previous models.
  • Eco DrivenSM delivers environmentally sound solutions that reduce noise, fuel use, and emissions and allow your company to be a good neighbor and corporate citizen.
  • Fuel saving features such as integrated electric standby offer operational savings up to 70% over conventional diesel units.
  • Lower emissions by reducing refrigerant charge, eliminating the compressor shaft seal and many refrigerant connections, using up-to-date emissions compliant engines, and by providing the electric standby feature standard in all units.
  • Lower noise levels are achieved by eliminating many sources of mechanical noise, such as belts and idlers, and replacing them with quieter AC motors. In addition, every unit has Stealth™ noise reduction integrated as a standard feature.

Cooling/Temperature Capacity:

Ambient at 100°F (38°C)
Speed: 1,800 rpm diesel

Air Temp.

Diesel Operation



 35°F     (   2°C)



     0°F     (-18°C)



  -20°F     (-29°C)



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