X2 2500 Advance

X2 2500 Advance

X2 2500 Advance

Extreme performance and exceptional temperature control have never looked so good.

Features and Benefits:

  • Sleek aerodynamics are designed into a durable and lasting door design that is manufactured froma high-strength composite.
  • Advance™ microprocessor with integrated DataLink™ data recorder utilizes the industry’s leading temperature control logic and cooling capacity while minimizing fuel use.
  • Quieter operation achieved by aero-acoustic engineering of key components.
  • The Stealth 2™ option features exceptionally low levels of noise for additional driver comfort.
  • Lower operating costs with Extended Service Interval (ESI™) components, advanced diagnostics, the most thorough pretrip available, and an industry-leading warranty.
  • Preferred unit of drivers,technicians, and fleet managers due to low noise, reliability, and lowest lifecycle cost.

Cooling/Temperature Capacity:

Ambient at 100°F (38°C)
Speed: 2,200 rpm diesel

Air Temp.

Diesel Operation



 35°F     (   2°C)



     0°F     (-18°C)



  -20°F     (-29°C)



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