Startrak Refrigerated Trailer Tracking

Startrak Refrigerated Trailer Tracking

Startrak Refrigerated Trailer Tracking

Refrigerated Trailer Tracking, Monitoring and Control (RT300)

An industry first, the RT300 is StarTrak’s configurable solution for tracking, monitoring, and controlling refrigerated trailers or “reefers”. Using either; cellular, satellite, or a combination of communication pathways, StarTrak’s solution provides real time, end to end, coverage of the over the road/rail cold chain. The RT300 extends information needed to monitor and control reefer temperatures, react and respond to alarms, and optimize logistics and management of cold chain assets and resources. Customized reporting provides users of the RT300 alerts and alarms of reefer temperatures, reefer operability, low fuel, abnormal/excessive fuel consumption, and excessive dwell.

Reefer trailers are expensive yet necessary assets required to compete in the cold supply chain business. The RT300 is a proven system that provides remote owner/operators of these assets continuous, real time visibility and control of the cargo they seek to preserve and protect.

The RT300 is compatible with both Carrier and Thermo King® Brand refrigeration equipment. Web based reporting and instant alert messaging provides users with security, peace of mind, and positive bottom line financial returns. Housed in a single, rugged module, the RT300 easily installs into any reefer unit-permanently and securely. Clandestine installation of the RT300 requires less than 30 minutes per unit.

Designed, tested, and proven for the exceedingly harsh environments of the truck trailer markets, the RT300 product provides reduction in misuse, misplacement, and abuse. Our reefer tracking product is designed to yield better profits through better: asset management, efficiencies, and increased customer service.

“Our dedication to advanced refrigerated product and service offerings was the driving force behind our selection of Par Logistics (Now StarTrak). Ryder values the experience and depth Par (Now StarTrak) brings to asset tracking and information management.” Stephen M. Doll, Director of New Products Ryder Inc

Refrigerated Trailer Tracking Unit (RT300) includes:

  • GPS antenna and module
  • Cellular Satellite antenna
  • Motion, Power, and Temperature Sensors
  • Customizable web based reporting
  • Real time Reefer alert message (e-mail and text messaging)
  • Reefer Temperature Sense and Control Option (Remote communications interface to refrigeration controls)
  • Communications electronics
  • Self Contained Power Supply Source (5 years)
  • Fuel level monitoring and reporting
  • Two-way Communications- remote power on/off temperature control

Add-on features:

  • Real Time Remote Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Door Sensor
  • Product Temp Probes

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