Startrak Refrigerated Container Tracking

Startrak Refrigerated Container Tracking

Refrigerated Container Tracking

Refrigerated Container Tracking (RC300)

When your customers order fresh fruit from Chile or swordfish from Singapore they want it arriving at its destination in pristine condition. Today, with the sophistication of equipment and the advancements in telematics, such demands are possible. Refrigerated containers, commonly called reefers, are used in intermodal freight transport. Remote tracking of time and temperature sensitive loads ensures product quality and food safety.

In 1998 StarTrak began to provide a system for tracking the location of intermodal transportation assets. StarTrak has expanded that system capability to reefer tracking. With the current RC300 system, owners/operations of containers or reefers packed and loaded in one part of the world can monitor location and control conditions of each reefer throughout inter-modal transport including:

  • ocean
  • air
  • rail
  • highway

Customers expect excellence on two fronts – hardware and service. StarTrak delivers both. Units placed on reefers are singular, compact, and durable. They are designed to be:

  • waterproof
  • shock resistant
  • environmental/atmospheric abrasion resistant
  • tamper proof

Each unit houses GPS, internet, and wireless communications capabilities. These technologies provide the basis for the service customers expect of StarTrak:

  • real time reporting and response
  • data reliability
  • customized reporting
  • alert messaging
  • communications interfacing
  • remote controllability

Knowing the location and operating conditions at all times of each reefer provides the information necessary for successful supply chain management. With the StarTrak reefer tracking and monitoring unit this objective can be the goal of every operator, manager, and owner involved in the transport of perishable goods.

Refrigerated Container Tracking (RC300) Unit includes:

  • Cellular/ Satellite antenna
  • GPS global positioning satellite antenna
  • Real Time and Historic Temperature Information
  • Reefer Alarms and Alerts
  • Real Time Worldwide Cellular Communications
  • Real Time Worldwide Satellite Communications
  • Motion, Power, and Status Sensing capabilities
  • Self Contained Power Supply Source (5 years)
  • Utilization reports
  • Geofencing of strategic locations

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