Kidron Emperor G2 Trailer Sales

Kidron Emperor G2 Trailer Sales

Kidron Emperor G2


With maximized strength-to-weight ratio, Kidron’s Emperor G2 trailer introduces a new generation of refrigerated distribution advantages, uniquely designed to increase eff ciency and lower the cost of delivering refrigerated products.Available in industry standard lengths up to 53 feet, the Emperor G2 is designed for the abuses associated with multi-stop refrigerated product distribution. The G2 is designed for fl exibility of operation and can be customized to meet your unique delivery needs.The Emperor G2 is backed by over a half-century of Kidron experience in the refrigerated truck and trailer industry. Each Emperor G2 trailer is manufactured to Kidron’s high standards for quality and durability.


Emperor G2 refrigerated distribution trailers are uniquely designed with extra features to protect perishable products, from one loading dock delivery to the next, while reducing operational costs.

Kidron pioneered multi-temp distribution with its ACMT™ system of movable partitions, easily reconἀgured for loads requiring frozen, refrigerated or ambient temperature products. Remote evaporators also may be added to provide individual compartment product protection.


  • Uniquely designed composite panel rear door is highly durable and easily repaired, standard with five hinges that are equally spaced top to bottom. Doors are equipped with Kidron’s patented pillow and integral wiper seals.
  • Our full width stainless steel rear frame is strong enough to withstand the rigors of dock delivery and features a standard 5-light rear header.
  • Choose from a one-piece nose rail or a three-piece nose rail with high-strength aluminum corner casting that resists damage upon impact and protects high-visibility lighting.
  • High strength steel refrigeration frame features G-member construction, providing omini-directional strength and stiffness.
  • Upper coupler is designed to meet the stresses of a high frequency drop and hook operation. A one-piece approach plate and six front stanchion plates prevent approach plate dishing. Our AAR-rated kingpin features eight kingpin stanchion plates for signiἀcant added strength over this critical contact area. Designed for internal undercoating to further resist corrosion.
  • Bolt-on landing gear is designed for strength and repairability, featuring reinforced stanchion plates fore and aft. Maintenance is made simple and safe.
  • Deep bottom rail provides for extra rivets to attach sidewall posts and understructure. This design provides optimized strength in high stress areas critical to the unique.
  • Dock bumpers feature a 6 by 8-inch rubber bumper, placed outboard on a 3/16 by 8-inch stainless steel doubler plate. The assembly properly directs forces associated with dock shock and protects against bottom rail damage.
  • A 3/8-inch stainless steel eyebrow protects the recessed lights.
  • Standard bolt-on rear impact guard’s durable design exceeds industry standards.
  • Kidron’s standard floor system features our unique forklift reinforcement package with full width integral 50-inch aluminum I-beam and plate reinforcements.
  • Flat thermally efἀcient side walls are achieved through Kidron’s ColdShield™ temperature management technology system.


  • ACMT
  • Rear Doors
  • Side Doors
  • Floors
  • Rear Bumpers
  • Side Door Step
  • Drop Deck
  • Low Deck
  • Anti Nose Dive Leg & More

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