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Maxon Liftgates

Maxon Liftgates

Mighty Max Liftgates


Leading Light-Duty Features: All of Maxon’s Mighty Max liftgates are built with high performance and low maintenance in mind. An oversized, fully enclosed pump and motor assembly helps ensure increased life and less downtime, while maintenance-free, grease-free bearings reduce the need for service.

Mighty Max lifts provide direct lift with level ride, with ramp options that increase loadable platform depth, as well as the option for steel, aluminum, or grip strut platforms. No matter your need, Mighty Max can be configured to meet it. Designed to fit full-sized domestic pickup beds and most popular utility bodies, Mighty Max gives you heavy-duty features in a light-duty gate.

Railift Liftgates


Extreme Dependability- The Railift Series is ideal for bulk delivery and wheeled cargo with a combination of dock and street delivery. Railifts provide a level ride through-out the lift for maximum load stability.

The RCM is designed for delivery systems requiring Medium-Duty lifting capacities. The RCM is ideal for full size and narrow van bodies, cutaways, step vans, platform and stake bodies. The RCM is unique in that it can be lowered below bed for dock loading or to access light parcels, and it can travel above bed height for access to docks when installed on low bed vehicles.

Conventional Liftgates

Conventional liftgates are the original style of liftgate. These liftgates are stored flush against the door of trucks or trailers, and they often serve as the actual door or tailgate to these vehicles. Designed for general freight loading, conventional liftgates can be used with trucks and trailers.

Tuk-A-Way Liftgates

Extreme Practicality: The key to success for the Tuk-A-Way product line is that the platform is neatly out of the way when not needed and/or in the case of dock loading. The Tuk-A-Way product line has evolved from a simple design to one that includes everything from the MTB bolt-on application to the level ride GPTLR with a large aluminum platform. The product line includes economical, low bed height applications such as the 72-150 and TE-25, as well as a hitch or ramp-ready versions.

All of the Tuk-A-Ways are low maintenance. The heavy-duty extension plates are made from 1/4” thick diamond plate and have sturdy tubing and channel to help prevent loading damage. The models also feature a weather sealed pump box that protects against the elements.

Slidelift Liftgates

Maxon’s Slidelifts stow horizontally underneath the truck or trailer. Slidelifts don’t need extension plates and therefore can accommodate roll-up as well as swing doors. Maxon offers Slidelift products with level ride (GPSLR) as well as level-ramping ride (GPS/GPSS). All of Maxon’s Slidelift gates include rugged design and smart features like an optional hand held remote control, dual cart stops, and auto leveling.

Columnlift Liftgates

Maxon’s BMR-A and BMRSD Columnlifts are the culmination of all the best technology, features, and options of any liftgate on the market, offering superior performance—by any measure. Maxon’s Columnlifts are unlike any other column lift on the market. Built tough with rugged columns to withstand gate impacts, precision-engineered with self-centering rollers to eliminate the possibility of jams, and designed with lock valves for operator safety, the BMR-A offers superior performance to any other column lift—faster operation, lower power consumption, and reduced maintenance costs are only the start.

Gas Bottle Liftgates

Special Functionality: The material handling needs of different industries oftentimes requires a special liftgate. Maxon has designed a family of products for the gas bottle industry with the CS Series.

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