Mobile Climate Control Software

Mobile Climate Control Software

Communicating the perfect climate.

MCC Electronic Climate Control software allows you to automatically maintain a consistent interior climate. This software can updated online and facilitates monitoring, diagnosing and reporting malfunctions, from anywhere around the world. The Electronic Climate Control unit has a display, main controller, and diagnostic center – all in one package – and can easily be expanded and customized to meet the customers’ requirements.

GPRS – Remote Desktop Monitoring – in the next generation of our Electronic Climate Controllers (ECC)
  • Integrated GPRS for flexible communication, both in continuous mode and SMS text mode.
  • Continuous mode allows the operator to full real time control of the ECC.
  • With SMS-text mode command strings can be sent and reports received from one or several busses at any given time.
  • Flash memory that allows for software updates through the GPRS link.
  • CAN-diagnostics and data logging. You can hook into the CAN-bus to monitor not only the climate control system but also any other subsystem on the same CAN-bus.
  • Off-line diagnosis. If you suspect a malfunctioning sensor or other attached equipment, you can set up a logging session to receive a report through GPRS on completion of testing.
  • CAN-Command module. Send commands and receive data from other CAN- enabled devices on the same CAN-bus network.
MCC Coolview Fleet tracking

CoolviewDaily diagnostic performance tracking:

  • Optional ECC controller equipped with WIFI transmitter
  • Transmits to an ethernet or cellular hub on return to garage or designated service facility
  • Daily diagnostic status on each unit sent to MCC through the internet
  • Monitoring and diagnostics from MCC
  • A service response can be dispatched before a customer is even aware of a problem
Easy 200 ATM (Automatic Thermostat Module)
    Easy 200 ATM

  • Part of the next generation Easy 200 platform
  • Flash memory – easily reprogrammable
  • CAN-BUS ready
  • Automatic Temperature control – operator selects the temperature set point via the control knob & the micro-processor adjusts the motorized water valve to regulate the cabin/vehicle temperature
  • Designed to control climate systems from mini vehicles to large buses
  • Packaged in a standard SWF 44×22 mm box with integral back lighting

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