Mobile Climate Control Regulation Equipment

Mobile Climate Control Regulation Equipment

Shut Off ValvesShut Off Valves

Whatever your need, depending on how you want to control the defroster and convector, there is an alternative for you.

MCC can offer two variants of pneumatic valves: the one circuit shut off valve “VALVAUT” and the multi circuit valve system MPV6. The MPV6 makes it possible to regulate an optional number of circuits in one unit. The basic alternative is the manual 3-way valve for easy regulation of one shunt-circuit.

Other Valves and AccessoriesOther Valves and Accessories

To complement the regulation need for the heating systems, there are a number of components that we can offer, for instance non return valves, water filter with integrated shut off valve and brushless minipump. Just click the menu to the left and explore all the regulation equipment range!

Pneumatic Water Valve SPV

Pneumatic Water Valve SPVMCC’s single pulse valves are included as standard in our heat centres but can also be used independently for building in heating systems for vehicles.

These valves, now with aluminium housing, can be obtained in a number of different sizes either as ”normally open” or ”normally closed”, where the same pneumatic valve housing, normally open, is used and where the function normally open/closed is attained by selecting different types of solenoid valves. The valve housing is manufactured to cope with the commonly used glycol mixture of the heating systems.

Valve – Manually Controlled Wire

Valve – manually controlled wireThe MCC Manual Operated valve is used for manual control of the flow rate through one or more heat exchangers.

The MCC Manual Operated valve is used for manual wire control of the flow rate through one or more heat exchangers, primarily for heat control of defroster and overhead heating units in buses and coaches. The assembly consists of a valve, which is either 2-way or 3-way (shunt), and a wire to enable transmission from the operating unit to the valve.

Non Return Valve

Non return valveThe MCC non-return valve is a clack non-return valve and is used in waterborne heating systems to prevent counter flow. The non-return valve is available in the following dimensions: 3/4, 1, 1 1/4 and 1 1/2”.


Insert Non Return Valve

Insert non return valveA brand new product from MCC making it possible to just insert it in a metal pipe with 14 mm inner diameter to achieve a non return function.



Water Filter With Ball Valve

Water filter with ball valveThe water filter with integrated valve is a coarse filter for waterborne heating systems in vehicles. It consists of a ball valve with integrated filter screen all in one housing. The great advantage with this product is of course that it’s very easy to clean the filter; just shut off the flow, unscrew and clean the filter screen.

High Capacity Water Filter With Valve

High capacity water filter with valveThis water filter has a large filter screen, though fine filter mesh size, which gives an efficient water filtration in vehicle coolant systems. Also integrated shut off valve for easy cleaning/replace of filter.


Solenoid Valve for MPV6

Solenoid valve for MPV6This solenoid is especially designed for MPV6 valve systems.

Solenoid valve MPV6 is used in the MCC MPV 6 system to regulate the flow to heating circuits.


Solenoid Valves for “Pneumatic Valve” and “Viking X3M”

Solenoid valves for "Pneumatic valve" and "Viking X3M"These solenoids are used in the “Pneumatic valve” and the Valve system “Viking X3M.” There are two variants of these solenoids, the NC, normal closed (gold) and the NO, normal open (green).

Brushless Minipump

Brushless minipumpThe Brushless Mini Pump is a DC circulation pump used for MCC’s shunt programme, heating stations, etc.

The magnetic drive spherical motor design offers many benefits over other pump styles: it operates on extremely low input; the spherical permanent magnet eliminates impeller slippage; the motor does not have a shaft, is fully potted and has no moving parts; the pump has no seals; and both the drive and motor magnets have thick cross-sections that resist cracking due to thermal shock.

Flap Motor

Flap motorMCC Flap motor is used in a number of UWE’s products to change positions of flaps of air inlets, recirculation etc. The flap motor receives information about selected position and an electrical motor changes the position of the flap shaft. As the motor is equipped with a built-in potentiometer for position feedback, the flap can be regulated in a variable number of positions, provided that the control unit is adapted for this. Besides the below described flap motor there are other types on request.

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