Mobile Climate Control Accessories

Mobile Climate Control Accessories

Here you find information about all the accessories that you may need to build a complete control system!

Temperature Sensors

Mobile Climate Control Temperature SensorsWe can offer a wide range of sensors, including in- and outside sensors, clip-on water sensor and sensors with built-in fan etc.


Dynamic speed control – NEW!

Dynamic speed control – NEW!UWEs Dynamic Speed Control is very useful if you have a fix speed fan that you want to be variable speed controlled.

It’s smart and compact design takes little space and is perfect for retrofitting.

Potentiometer POT-5

Potentiometer POT-5The POT-5 potentiometer is used mainly for the smooth adjustment of temperature and fan speed in buses. An OFF function is integrated into the potentiometer, and this is obtained when the knob is turned to its closing position (anticlockwise).

Climate Panel

Climate PanelUWE Climate panel is especially designed to house all the buttons and knobs necessary to set the climate in a bus. It consists of potentiometers and switches, i.e. it does not contain control electronics but is intended to connect to control equipment.

Power Card

Power cardUWE Power card is primarily designed to convert the output signals from the control unit Viper 2000 into power output to current consumers. However it can be used together with any other control unit that supplies a 24V active high control signal, like Viper standard.

The great advantage with the card is the compact size and the saving of relays and wiring.

Timer H Bridge

Timer H BridgeUWE Timer H-Bridge is primarily designed to convert output signals from control units or toggle switches (+24V on/off) for regulation of electrical flap motors. It alternates the outputs between +24V and ground. Two minutes after the last operation, the Timer H-Bridge switches off advantage with the card is the compact size and the saving of relays and wiring.

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