Mobile Climate Control A/C Units

Mobile Climate Control A/C Units

MCC offers a wide range of fully automatic modular climate control systems with a full range of options. These high performance units provide high comfort climate in all types of coaches, buses and minibuses. The product lines are EcoTravel for buses, EcoFlex for driver compartment in buses and EcoLine for mid-sized buses and minibuses.


Mobile Climate Control A/C Units Eco TravelKeeping a low profile with exceptional performance.

EcoTravel is a new series of patented, high performance A/C units for buses. All the different units are easy to install and low weight, built in mainly aluminium and composites. These are A/C units with high performance heat exchangers, standard brushless motors and advanced controls. The EcoTravel series are constructed with the latest air circulation technology, use less energy and save gas mileage.


Mobile Climate Control A/C Units EcoFlexDriver flexibility – the key to success.

EcoFlex is a flexible electric driven A/C unit with improved performance for driver compartment in buses. The cooling systems have been optimized to provide the maximum cooling performance with a minimal amount of refrigerant. Light in weight and easy to install.


Mobile Climate Control A/C Units EcoLineBig solutions in a small format.

EcoLine is a low profile A/C system for mid-size buses and minibuses.

The units use high performance heat exchangers for excellent performance. Outstanding features are low weight and low refrigerant charge, easy installation and maintenance.

Eco 136

Outstanding energy conservation performance.

Powerful HVAC rooftop platform.with adaptable HVAC solution to deliver optimal passenger comfort. Efficient energy management and Light Weight.

Eco 353

Mobile Climate Control A/C Units Eco 353The standard AC unit for inter city, city public transit and coaches.

This lightweight, high capacity heavy duty transit bus rooftop air conditioning system, offers improved overall fuel consumption, enhanced reliability, reduced life cycle and service costs compared to its predecessors.

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