IMPCO Auxiliary Power Units Rail

IMPCO Auxiliary Power Units Rail

IMPCO APU RailAll Season’s! All Temperatures! The main engine is off, and savings are on!

IMPCO Ecotrans PR Series of Locomotive Auxiliary Power Units are becoming the idle reduction choice of railroads around the world.

From Alaska to Kazakhstan, IMPCO’s state of the art machines warm the locomotive motor, warm the oil, and charge the batteries whether it is -40° F or 100 °F.

Around the world railroads are learning that AESS systems are only effectively shutting down the main engine in temperatures above 45 °F.

Beyond that the locomotive idles at 4 to 5 Gallons an hour. IMPCOs machines are designed for extremes, and prevent main engine idle through a much wider temperature range, from -40 °F to 110°F.

IMPCO saves more money, meets EPA’s emissions regulations, meets local noise ordinances, and provides enough electricity to power the new trend of locomotive air conditioners.

Satellite Communication System

  • The PR series APU can be equipped with a web based satellite communication system.
  • The communication system provides an easy way of keeping track of fuel savings and emissions reduction.
  • Downloadable satellite reports to track and prove your savings.

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