Trailer Fairings

Trailer Fairings

Trailer Fairings

Innovative AeroFlex Fairings

Provide fast return on investment with 7.45% fuel savings. The flexible design mounts low to the ground to maximize the aerodynamic benefit and withstand both side and bottom impacts.

Drag test over 17″ concrete blocks demonstrate the flexibility and durability of the AeroFlex.

Features and Benefits:

  • Independently verified 7.45% fuel savings
  • Meets CARB trailer requirements as a single aerodynamic device
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Three year warranty
  • EPA SmartWay™ Verified – Advanced Trailer Fairing category

New Product Available – AeroFlex 2012 Fairings for use with dry and reefer van trailers.
The AeroFlex 2012 is a more lightweight and economical version of the standard AeroFlex. Just like the standard AeroFlex fairing, this new addition to the product line provides proven 7.45% fuel savings on long-haul trailers and is listed under the “Advanced Trailer Fairing” category for the EPA SmartWay Certified Trailer requirements (as “AeroFlex”). The AeroFlex 2012 fairing, constructed from DMP plastic panels, maintains the same aerodynamic profile of the original AeroFlex from Freight Wing, yet is lighter weight. The rod & hinge mounting system in the original AeroFlex has been replaced in the AeroFlex 2012 with an innovative rod & saddle bracket mounting. These new fairings do not replace the “original” AeroFlex fairings – both AeroFlex and AeroFlex 2012 are available through the Carrier Transicold program.

Trailer fairings add an aerodynamic profile to increase fuel efficiency.
Whether you’re running one trailer or a fleet of trailers, you’re watching the balance sheet, and the fuel gauge. One simple, low-cost way to cut fuel consumption and reduce operating costs is to improve trailer aerodynamics – using trailer fairings.

Trailer fairings help you cut fuel consumption and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions (up to 12 tons per vehicle per 100,000 miles).

Enhancing the aerodynamics of a trailer reduces the tremendous drag placed upon the trailer’s box shape. At 50 mph and above, tractor-trailer aerodynamics is the most important factor in fuel economy.
With Gap Fairings, up to an additional 2% fuel savings can be obtained on dry van trailers. These fairings, mounted on the front trailer face, divert airflow that would normally stream between the tractor and the trailer, against the front trailer face.

Brochure and Specification Sheets:

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